City Limits Blend

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City Limits Blend

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Origin: Featuring Coffee's From: Central America & Africa
Roast Level: Medium/Light

Medium body & balanced cup. Unique acidity meets rich softness.

Our City Limits Line is our special Maplewood Blend, named after a 1921 Trolley Car Route that helped develop the Maplewood area.

It’s simple. Great coffee relies on the freshness & quality of the green coffee. Just as many fruits and vegetables have different harvesting seasons, so does coffee. Those coffees can go bad if they’re not fresh. Since we’re constantly bringing in fresh coffees into our “coffee lineup”, our recipes change seasonally to provide a fresh flavor profile each harvest season. This brings something new and unique to our Coffee Bar & Roastery.

It’s our goal to make sure that all of our coffees are fresh, so we change the regions in this blend periodically to feature different coffees that make an exceptional cup of coffee every harvesting season. In this specific blend, look for a medium body & balanced cup, w/unique acidity and a soft finish.

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