Hario Thermal Carafe - 600 mL

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Hario Thermal Carafe - 600 mL


Hario's new double-wall stainless steel carafes are perfect for keeping your pour over brews warm for up to 90 minutes, so you can take your time to savor your work. These thermal servers feature a pour-through lid with a lever actuated opening, so they keep the heat in until you're ready to pour. The server's opening is designed with V60s in mind, but it can accommodate many other pour-over devices like the Kalita Wave and December Dripper. Check our spec table for measurements to see if your brewing device is compatible.

When preheated with hot water, this 600 mL carafe can keep a fresh brew hot for up to 90 minutes. Our temperature data showed that a fresh, 180 F brew was still hovering around 160 F at 60 minutes, and 140 F at 120 minutes. Compare that to the same drop in about 15 minutes in a standard glass server, and you've got a lot more time to enjoy your brew!

Server is made of stainless steel, handle and lid are made of polypropylene, gasket is made of silicone rubber. Hand wash only with mild detergent, do not heat or freeze the server directly.

What's in the box:

  • Hario Thermal Server with lid

  • Manual and care guide


  • Insulated steel thermal server with pour-through lid

  • 550 mL or 750 mL practical capacity

  • Keeps coffee warm for 60-90 minutes

  • Wide mouth top fits many pour-over drippers

  • Lever-actuated pouring spout

  • Double wall steel design keeps the heat in

  • Hand wash only

  • Made of stainless steel, polyproylene, silicone rubber, and ABS plastic

  • Made in China

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